The Sunshine Blogger Award.


So I was nominated by the lovely Lorna Cole (you can click to read her response and to check out her blog!) and I can’t wait for you all to get to know me a little better and get to know you as these are some of my favourite posts to read and write about!


Here are the rules for this award:

1) Thank the lovely blogger that nominated you and of course, provide a link to their blog!

2) Answer the set of 11 questions that they asked you

3) Create 11 new questions and nominate 11 bloggers to answer them

4) And finally, when doing your post make sure you post the rules and add The Sunshine Blogger Award logo!


My answers;

1) What are your favourite blog posts to write and your favourite to read?

 This is a surprisingly hard question, I feel like most people have an easy topic they love to write about but for me I love a lot of different things. I think to narrow it down, I love to write things that others could read and hopefully/possibly pick up some tips or even learn something from my post so I don’t feel like I’m completely rambling. On the other hand, I love reading other student posts and anything related to Disney!


2) If you had all the ingredients ready to go, what would you cook or bake right now?


I live for pasta, but as a student I feel like I eat possibly too much of it on a daily basis so if I could, having the ingredients (and the skills) I would probably want to make sweet and sour chicken or even chicken tikka masala…clearly not the most adventurous.


3) One food you cannot stand?


This is easy for me, nuts. I despise nuts, of all varieties…but I do love Nutella so think about that one.


4) What is your favourite thing about the blogging community?

I’m relatively new to this community but based on the past few months I have to say that the people I have found and talked to have been the loveliest and so so helpful for me to find the type of blogger I am and get started.


5) What is the best gift you have ever received?

I thought the first question was hard but this is definitely testing it…I think back many, many years ago my parents took us to Walt Disney World for Christmas and although I was very young, it truly was one of my favourite times in my childhood looking back especially thinking about the family time. That, or for my 18th birthday my sister had given me a book of different memories and my growth through the years, that’s as mushy as we go.


6) What are you enjoying listening to at the moment?

I’m loving a bit of Nina Nesbitt, who if you haven’t heard of, I recommend greatly especially as a second album is on its way! And also a bit of Fickle Friends, big up them guys.


7) What is your favourite season and why?

Summer. I may be a little biased being a summer baby but I love the [limited] sun, holidays, eating strawberries outside and BBQ season. There’s something about it in which I feel so much more relaxed and calmer. Although spring is amazing for the baby animals!


8) Choose 3 places you’d love to visit, why?

For a new experience; Yellowstone National Park. I’m studying geography because of my love for geohazards and Yellowstone was actually the topic in which I knew Geography was the subject for me back in high school!

I’d love to visit the three Disney parks in Hong Kong, Tokyo and Shanghai to complete my life goal of visiting all Disney theme parks. If you can’t tell I love Disney. I would also love to visit Asia anyway, but life goals…

Hawaii. Like Yellowstone, Hawaii is a dream of mine because of the volcanic action, but truly I have dreamed of visiting for years, like a good 15 years probably. SOMEONE TAKE ME PLEASE xo


9) What is your star/zodiac sign and do you believe in horoscopes?

 I am a Cancer and to be honest, I don’t think I believe in it and yet I do read them every so often just because I want a nosey.


10) How do you organise your blog?

Poorly. I’m kidding but not kidding, it’s still all new to me but I have a list of topics I’d like to write about at some point but usually I am in the mood to write about a particular post.


11) What is one discontinued food product that you would bring back?

Turkey Twizzlers. Such a staple childhood food which Jamie Oliver ruined and I will never forgive him for that.




My Questions!

  1. What TV series are you hyped about at the moment?
  2. If you could move and live anywhere, where would you choose?
  3. What is your dream job? and what was your dream job when you were younger if it’s changed?
  4. Your staple product and why?
  5. If you could change one thing about the blogger community, what would you change?
  6. What do you love to read about most and why?
  7. Favourite Disney film and character?
  8. Which is your go-to social media?
  9. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
  10. Why did you start blogging?
  11. If you could go back in the past, would you change anything? If so, what and why?


I nominate these lovely people, all of which you should definitely check out and keep an eye out for their posts!




Gemma Louise









Underrated Disney Movies

Disney has come out with hundreds of films and in the midst of hypes like Frozen, many films get pushed under the rug and forgotten about. So here are 5 of my underrated Disney films that I think everyone should watch or rewatch!

  • Big Hero 6. Released in late 2014 I thought the film was entertaining, emotional and gripping, things I look for in a film. With a marvel-esk theme of superhereos and science, this film was a stark contrast to the previous years release and hype of Frozen. I’ve watched this film several times since it’s release and the only thing that has changed is the number of times I cry has decreased…slightly.


  • The Princess and the Frog. Set in New Orleans, the 2009 film has a special place in my heart from the songs to the atmosphere and everything in between, I love it. Dr Facilier is one of my all time favourite villains and truly makes the film complete. I would recommend this if you like a sing along because you’ll fall in love with the soundtrack.


  • Enchanted. This 2007 release starring Amy Adams is one of my favourite films, with a mixture of animation and live-action, it keeps up the energy with the influences and hints of the classic Disney fairytales. One of my favourite moments of the film is the slight breaking of the fourth wall, not all characters know the songs! With the recent announcement of a sequel in the works, Disenchanted, you can expect me to be first in line.


  • Brother Bear. This is one of my favourite films to watch on those days when you can’t find anything to watch. The 2003 film pulls on the heartstrings minutes into it and honestly, the plot of brotherly love and protectiveness is unique to many films which I feel like people overlook sometimes. Also, has a great soundtrack!


  • The Rescuers. I’ll be honest, this is probably a choice due to family memories and I got this from my sister’s love (she loved this film so much when she was younger, she wanted me to be named Penny…) but this 1977 film has the a bit of everything. The fact that animals (in particular mice) however big or small could come together and help and I can’t explain it, it’s just a cute little film which I love putting on on a rainy day.

Did I mention any of your faves? Or do you have some other underrated Disney films? You’ll soon learn that Disney is one of my favourite things and I love to write all about it, so is there any posts you want to read about? x



Monthly Tunes | Jan’18

The start of 2018 and already January has been a month of new releases from a range of artists. I’ve even rediscovered a bunch of tracks that you love, but sometimes can forget about with the hundreds of songs and albums being released. This is my Monthly Tunes for January…

  •  Nina Nesbitt ‘Somebody Special

My artist of the month is Nina Nesbitt. Nina is a 24 year old Scottish singer-songwriter in the process of coming out with her second album with hints to a spring release. Since her 2014 debut album, Nesbitt has released two EPs, changed record labels in which she was an independent artist in between and was a support act for Justin Bieber at BST Hyde Park in 2017. With ‘Somebody Special’ as her third released single for the new album, it follows her release of ‘The Best You Had’ which has become her most streamed track on Spotify with over 15 million plays.

  • Hudson Taylor ‘Run With Me

The newest release from the brother duo, ‘Run With Me’ has become a favourite of mine with the chill vibes and it’s been perfect during my stressful exam season.

  • Dua Lipa ‘IDGAF

Dua is one of my favourite artists of all time, seeing her live in a tiny venue back in 2016 around the time of the release of ‘Hotter Than Hell’ and she’s consistently released bangers after bangers. The perfect combo with ‘New Rules’, she ain’t playing with those f**kboys.

  • Marina and the Diamonds ‘Teen Idle

This is a rediscovery love which I am connecting to on a personal level. I think it is because lately I have realised how old I am getting, I’m months away from leaving my teen years and I do sometimes wonder about any regrets and what I should and shouldn’t have done in the past.

  • Jax Jones ‘Instruction

This is just a catchy song, which I am loving. It’s definitely become a favourite and been added to any playlists I have for getting ready for a night out and pres just because it’s so lively and gets me in a good mood.

  • Selena Gomez ‘Revival

On a complete opposite end, ‘Revival’ has been listened to a lot this month and I love the simplicity of the tracks message and I think it’s a perfect start for the new year.

  • Fleetwood Mac ‘The Chain

Hands down Fleetwood Mac is one of my favourite bands of all time, I could listen for days on end and would not get bored. ‘The Chain’ is probably one of my favourite tracks from them, everything about it is brilliant.

  • Saint Raymond ‘Younger

‘Younger’ is a track from Saint Raymond’s latest EP ‘A Light That Blinds’ and it’s upbeat and perfect to get you in a good mood though it does similar theme of youth and growing old as ‘Teen Idle’ it navigates to mainly about relationships and love.

  • Justin Timberlake ‘Filthy

The leading single from his upcoming album, ‘Filthy’ has made it onto my monthly tunes. Though there’s been a very mixed response to this track, I love it and I can’t really tell you why except it has been one of my favourites to play while driving my car.

  • Imagine Dragons|Khalid ‘Thunder / Young, Dumb & Broke

I loved both songs individually and although I was skeptical at first, this has become one of my favourite tracks. The choruses mixed really get to me and like ‘Filthy’, this song is an absolute banger to play when driving. It is odd to listen to either song now and waiting for the mix.

  • DNCE|Nicki Minaj ‘Kissing Strangers

Hands down, one of the best collabs I’ve listened to. I’ve been a fan of DNCE since they started and ‘Kissing Strangers’ has not changed that. Catchy, upbeat and lively it’s good any time of day and I’ve nearly learned Nicki’s verse.

Have you got any similar monthly favourites or discovered anything new?

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5 Things Every Student Should Do In 2018.

University can be some of the best and worst years of your life, as the years pass and the impending adulthood is close it can be a bit nerve-wracking. But here are some things I believe students should do to make their 2018 worth it.

5. Join A Society.

I am a second year student and one of the best things I ever chose to do was join a society. I am a part of two societies, my degree (geography) and swimming and I would always recommend joining your degree social as it allows you the chance to meet others on your course as well as older students that could help you with anything, especially if you’re a fresher! On the other hand, a sports team is also a good shout because you can meet so many other people on other degrees and it gives a totally different environment for socials.


4. Try Something Locally.

Most of the time going to university means moving away from home and potentially living in a whole new city, for other people you might stay at home. In either case I think everyone should find something to do in the local area. One particular thing my housemates and I aim to do is go to the Boardroom, a little place off the main street by us where you can have a few drinks and play board games. Clearly it’s not for everything but it gives us something to do without the typical night out and allows us all to do something together.

3. Travel.

Something I always aim to do is travel. Whether it’s visiting cities around the UK or going abroad, the geographer in me loves visiting new and exciting places. I recently visited Edinburgh to meet up with a few friends from a summer holiday 3 and a half years ago and although I was only there for a short time, it was great to go around a city that I haven’t been since I was young. Hopefully I can see more places in the close future with more close friends before adulthood hits with the responsibilities.


2. Budget.

Something that can come across hard as a student is trying to budget with the limited loan we have. It can seem hard when there’s so many weeks in a term and you’re trying to balance necessities to survive and having a social life but my little tip is to work out how much money you have after taking away things like rent, then divide up what you have by the number of weeks so you can keep on track. I usually like to take away about £10 on my weekly budget for emergencies or if I want to treat myself later on. It can be possible, you just need to keep on track what you’re spending.

1. Try Something New.

This is quite the general point but I think everyone needs to aim to do at least one thing they’ve never done before, whether this is something related to one of my previous points like traveling or joining a society or completely different it’s good to do something different. Something what I am doing this year is making this blog and hopefully grow it to a point where I am happy with it and others can feel welcome to come for advice and a fun read.


Beauty Haul | Jan ’18

I recently had a little beauty haul, a mixture of a few of my favourite brands including Makeup Revolution (Tam Beauty), Soap and Glory and Sleek makeup. Although I bought the majority of products, I did win the Sleek gift sets as part of a Twitter giveaway.

My main expenditure was on Makeup Revolution, a brand that keeps on top of the beauty game and it wouldn’t be a surprise that my first purchase was the new Conceal and Define concealer. £4 (or £3.60 if you buy from Superdrug and get student discount) with 18 shades extending from the palest to the darkest with more to come. I recently tried this and I can’t see myself going back to my old Collection concealer, it’s pale enough for me, it doesn’t oxidise and it lasts all night with great coverage.

I also bought four sets that were available for Christmas. Ranging from a Sculpt & Fix (colour corrector and contour), Brows (powder and wax), Naked Golds (eyeshadow) and Shade & Contour (eyeshadow and contour). I bought all of these sets for £10 each, a bargain as these palettes are huge, bigger than my head! They each came with a couple extras like brushes and primer and highlight. I’ve tried a couple of them through the past few weeks and honestly I’m so glad I took the plunge. As someone who never really did anything about colour correcting and brows, it definitely helps first timers and those who need an extensive range of shades and helps me practice. If you see these sets still available (check out the Tam Beauty website as these sets may still be available!)

Following this order, I also received a mystery goody bag because I spent £30+, something I’d definitely keep an eye out. Included was an eyeshadow palette, a single eyeshadow, a huge bronzer, a nail polish, a contour kit, lipstick, highlight stick and a blush & lip stick.

I recently indulged myself with Soap & Glory, by purchasing three of their skincare products. I’ve tried a few of their products for skincare before and after using and loving the facial wash mini as part of a Christmas gift I decided to up my skincare routine as that is something I need to work on! It’s been only a few days using all three products together but they work so well and they make my skin so silky smooth afterwards.

If you’re quick and fancy to buy a few yourself, Boots is currently offering 3 for 2 on Soap & Glory skincare. The Fab Pore Purifying Foam Cleanser |Face Soap & Clarity™ 3-in-1 Daily Vitamin C Facial Wash | Peaches and Clean Deep Cleansing Milk

I recently won these goodies of Sleek products in a twitter giveaway. Having tried and loved Sleek’s Matte Me in Birthday Suit to the point where I was due to buy a new one, I was gifted with this and a matching nail polish! I can’t wait to try them both together especially as I love a good match. I also got set of 4 mini lipsticks; 2 being Metallic in the shades Volcanic and Rusted Rose and 2 Mattes in Shabby Chic and Vino Tinto. This set is perfect for someone who likes to try a new lipstick shade but unsure if it’s worth it as it is only mini edition. The third and final set was a full sized metallic lip in Roman Copper which came with the widely known and loved highlighter palette in Solstice. Something which a girl like me is in love with because you can never have too many highlighters!

That’s been my first beauty haul of 2018! Have you tried any of these products or brands? If anyone wants me to do a first impressions/review/swatches of any of the products please feel free to comment below x


Here we are, new year and new me but although this is overly said and usually ends at 00:01am on the 1st January, I want to try my hardest in 2018 to make the year mine. I don’t mean trying to overrun the world, but I want to end the year knowing I’ve done everything I wanted to do (or at least tried) so I made a little list of goals that I hope I can achieve during the next 12 months.

  • Keep up with my blogging. I originally started this blog back last July but learning to try and fit this in with uni was difficult but I want to try and post regularly enough in the new year.
  • Do the best I can at uni. I want to stop having a mentality that I have plenty of time to finish essays and how long I can put off revision before exams so hopefully I can start doing things earlier than later.
  • Have fun traveling. Ending 2017, I had my standard summer holiday and not much else but I want to try and get around more whether it’s city breaks or long hauls, I just to see more of the world and have fun with it.
  • Get back into reading. Since coming to uni I’ve noticed there has been a lack in my reading so I want to get back into it.
  • Makeup. A little broad but I want to try and use more cruelty-free products, I know I probably won’t go completely against some products but hopefully I can find some equally as good products. Also I want to try to improve my makeup skills. We’ll see how successful that is.
  • Finally, just do more things that I enjoy, but try new things. I want to go to my gigs for example and related, listen to more new artists because there’s some hidden gems that haven’t risen yet. But generally just do things I wouldn’t think to do otherwise.

I’ll probably think of more as the months progress but comment below what some of your new year resolutions are x Here’s to hopefully a good year



2017 has been a year like any other, ups and downs. On a personal level I think I have changed a fair amount, I feel like mentally I have matured a lot which has probably helped from starting university last year. But I do feel like I’ve grown especially when around my friends and family. Reflecting back on the year, here are some of my favourite products this year and some memories I created.


L’Oreal True Match Foundation

I love this foundation and I constantly keep topping up my collection, I find for my type of skin it works wonders and although it isn’t the widest range of shades, I think especially for a drugstore they have a good selection as they consider undertones too.

£9.99 at Boots

Makeup Revolution X Soph Eyeshadow Palette

I’m not the type to buy specific products just because of a name whether it’s celebrity or influencer, however, watching Soph for years and seeing the range of shade I knew had to try the palette and I’m so happy I did. Being a fan of Makeup Revolution with the majority of my eyeshadow palettes being them, I knew they couldn’t go wrong. The  range of shades allow a variety of looks for all occasions and it’s definitely my go-to palette.

£10.00 at Tam Beauty

Sleek Face Form Contour Kit in Light

I’ve had this for over a year and only recently has the bronzer started to dent from usage. This little 3 part palette is brilliant for travelling with a highlighter and blush (a dupe for Nars Orgasm) included with a mirror is compact enough to pack easily.

£9.99 at Superdrug

Makeup Revolution Setting Spray Pro Fix Oil Control

So it’s difficult to remember just how my makeup lasted before using a setting spray, however I changed from the from original setting spray to the oil control and I can definitely tell it helps my makeup stay longer through my skin type (slightly oily, especially in the t-zone).

£5.00 at Superdrug



This year I’ve been to a few small gigs while at uni such as Fickle Friends, King No-One, Declan Mckenna, Twin Atlantic and Sigala. I also attended the first day of Fusion Festival seeing a number of various artists which I greatly enjoyed, no surprise as I attended the festival last year and thoroughly enjoyed the weekend through the sun and rain.



My favourite topic, travel. This year I went on a two week cruise visiting Venice, the Greek Isles, Croatia, Montenegro and it was gorgeous. I went with my parents and during my holiday I also celebrated my 19th Birthday. Although the majority of my holiday was a positive experience I did end up with tonsillitis fairly early on and did have a couple of ill days, all cured by the day I could eat my gorgeous little birthday cake!