Welcome to my blog, you have landed at my About page. So, who am I?, you may be wondering seeing as you’re here. Well my name is Kerry and I am a 19 year old student from England. While my home life is in the North West, I now reside most of the year in the North East as I study at the University of Hull, yes that Hull which is currently the City of Culture 2017.

A little bit more about me, I am a qualified Lifeguard and Swimming Teacher with a love for music, travel and beauty. While I’m no professional, my blog will be dedicated to my hobbies with hopefully tips and tricks that I’ve learned or picked up which if all goes well, will be passed down to you.

Leading from this, my blogs will be a variety of my interests. There’ll be a mixture of my life on a daily basis as well as views and opinions as a student as I go through my next few years of my undergraduate degree. Along with this, there will be posts about Disney (and Universal, it’s a guarantee) with personal advice and experience as well as any hints and updates coming in the parks. Similarly, trips and holidays will be talked about with any recommendations and my opinions and there will also be my makeup/beauty posts. Although I am not a MUA, I am a big fan of makeup and you can expect the odd post with an eye look that I am loving (be warned, they won’t be the most finessed but I’ll have a good go!). Lastly, as an overall you will find odd posts about other random topics such as any recent discoveries of an artist or album or even clothing hauls.

I hope this brings more information as to what you can expect from me and this blog, and if you would love to know anything else about me feel free to contact me here, or on my social medias on twitter and instagram.