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Uni Top Tips #1

It’s nearing the end of July and that means in about a month’s time college students will be waking up early to find out their A Level results and will be on UCAS trying to find out their future university and then comes the impending doom. Or you know, the start of University.

As a student myself I was there last year with slight fear and nervousness wondering if I did well enough or am I going to just not go to uni and have to re-plan the next few years of my life. So as someone who recently has been there and done that I thought I’d make a little series with tips about starting university and living away and then possibly my own personal adventures away while studying at the University of Hull.

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So to begin…

  • Results Day Panic

    The week before results day is some of the worst time in your life; UCAS is down, unis are going through your results and there’s nothing you can do except panic, it’s understandable. However, some calming tips before you reach that peak stress, it’s not the end of the world. There’s nothing to do about your exams now, they’re over and done with and if you’re feeling the stress I would recommend eating that chocolate that’s in the cupboard. If you don’t get the results you wanted don’t stress, there’s thousands of other students in the exact situation and there’s many different routes to go from there. This could range from not going to uni at all (it’s not for everyone), take a year off and resit exams to get into your dream choice, choose your insurance or go through clearance (there’s so many unis with open spaces for a LOAD of courses), or you could do what I did which was go onto a Foundation degree (may have another blog post in the future about what this is and my experience..)

  • Packing Too Little Or Too Much?

    Something that is surprisingly hard in my opinion is knowing what and how much to pack because chances are you are moving to a whole new city, in halls with a tiny room. So what is the right amount of packing? For starters, I’d recommend having several plates and cutlery because chances are you will lose that stuff, trust me. For clothes, I’d think take only want you’d usually wear that time of year and only take what you’d need, there’s no point having 100’s of outfits because you won’t wear them all and it’ll just take space up. An important note to remember though is when packing for your room, be sure to include little things to make yourself at home such as photos of family and friends (be sure to leave room for new photos though for those new friends!) and to just make it more comfy with things like cushions and fairy lights or even posters.

  • Social Media

    This might sound a bit odd at first but social media can be an important part of starting university life (although not needed!) Once you have confirmed your university place I recommend going online to facebook and searching for groups dedicated to your chosen university and as freshers, there’ll be a couple out there and I would say join them all. It’s a great place to find others in your accommodation and on your course so you don’t have to be completely alone in this next journey and it can help have an idea who you will be spending the next year (and more) with.

My next blog post in the Uni Top Tips series will lead onto moving day and fresher survival tips, if anyone has any questions about anything feel free to comment or message me on my social medias and I’ll be happy to answer x





2 thoughts on “Uni Top Tips #1”

  1. Great tips for freshmen starting at Uni! Totally agree! One thing I did before starting Uni was go to some freshmen camp thing. It was a great way for me to meet some friends before going to college.

    If it’s alright, may I feature this post on my blog? You re-tweed my request for finding new bloggers to feature. Let me know!


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